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Archos-Sync is a little project I started to sync my archos media player with Miro but it should work with any directory that has videos in it.

What's it able to do?

  • Detect if the filetype is playable on the device
    • mplayer is needed for this
    • full support for the DVD and Podcast plugins to come later
  • Keep the device in sync with the Miro downloads directory
    • Also, you can do a one way sync (just copy new files or just delete old files)
  • Did I mention the cool copy file progress bar? ;)


Usage: [-h] [-f] [-q] [-t|-c|-d|-s] [-m VIDEOS_DIR] DEVICE_MOUNT_POINT
    -h    Help          Print this message.
    -t    Test Run      Show what files would be copied and deleted.
    -c    Copy Only     Only copy new files to the device, don't delete.
    -d    Delete Only   Only delete files off the device.
    -s    Sync          Do a full sync to the device.
    -f    Force Copy    Videos to the device even if they have been deleted.
    -q    Quiet         Be less verbose [Not Yet Implemented].
    -D    DVD           Copy files that work with the DVD plugin.
    -P    Podcast       Copy files that work with the Podcast Plugin.
    -m    VIDEOS_DIR    The directory where videos are kept.


What's planned for future releases

  • Convert file to something supported by your device (using mencoder)
    • This would be especially useful for youtube videos
  • PyGTK gui