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The Xbox DVD playback kit is a standard USB device with a proprietary connector that interfaces to Microsoft's Xbox. Right now it is the cheapest ($20 CAD used) USB remote that is supported by LIRC (lirc_atiusb driver). With a piece of USB cable salvaged from an old piece of hardware you can make a top quality remote control device for your Linux-based PC.

Small Howto

The procedure is quite simple:

  1. Pry open the receiver's plastic case with a small screw driver
  2. Drill a hole in the front part of the case to pass a wire through
  3. Solder the wire to the receiver following the color code below
  4. Glue the case back together and you're done!

Color Coded Pinout


  • If you're using a standard USB cable you should just be able to match the colors and solder away, but to be sure check your cable with a continuity tester according to the USB spec provided here.
  1. Red = Positive Power (+5V DC)
  2. White = Data -
  3. Green = Data +
  4. Yellow = Unused
  5. Black = Ground (0V DC)

LIRC lircd.conf

Here is the config I use to get the remote working with LIRC

begin remote

    name  XboxDVDDongle
    bits           8

    begin codes

        SELECT         0x0b
        UP             0xa6
        DOWN           0xa7
        RIGHT          0xa8
        LEFT           0xa9
        INFO           0xc3
        9              0xc6
        8              0xc7
        7              0xc8
        6              0xc9
        5              0xca
        4              0xcb
        3              0xcc
        2              0xcd
        1              0xce
        0              0xcf
        DISPLAY        0xd5
        BACK           0xd8
        SKIP-          0xdd
        SKIP+          0xdf
        STOP           0xe0
        REVERSE        0xe2
        FORWARD        0xe3
        TITLE          0xe5
        PAUSE          0xe6
        PLAY           0xea
        MENU           0xf7

    end codes
end remote


Under newer Linux distros the lirc_atiusb driver won't work if the xpad driver gets loaded first. To correct this problem just unload the xpad driver and reload the lirc_atiusb driver.

modprobe -r lirc_atiusb xpad
modprobe lirc_atiusb

EDIT to get this to work with ubuntu 9.04 sudo apt-get install lirc for both remote and reciever select the none option. then do sudo modprobe -r lirc_atiusb xpad then modprobe lirc_atiusb

modify the /etc/lirc/lircd.conf with the above config modify the /etc/lirc/hardware.conf Making sure the below section is enabled

  1. Enable lircd